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LED Purge Mask™️ (Ships From USA)

$19.95 $39.95

LED Purge Mask™️ (Ships From USA)

$19.95 $39.95

Your Halloween Party Just Got Super Cool with the Iconic Purge Mask. With the Light Up Purge Mask, you will be the Life of Every Party. Scare the Bejesus Out of your Friends with the Best Purge Masks for Halloween!! 

Why we know you will Fall in Love with the Purge Masks?

  • They are super, duper cool…
  • They are bright and flashy…
  • The LED Purge Masks look mysterious…
  • They look festive…
  • And, they are Ominously Scary…

What makes Light Up Masks Better?

  • The other masks aren’t cut out for it. They feel uncomfortable and wear your head after a few hours. With our LED purge masks, you get…
  • Comfortable, cushion feel all night
  • Extra-long battery that lasts 15 hours
  • Choice of 8 cool colors to choose from
  • Super safe for skin and eyes

Important Facts about LED Purge Masks

  • Long-Lasting- You will find most masks are made of PVC. But they break. Therefore, we use matte acrylic plastic material. Matte Acrylic is equally shiny but very lightweight. Moreover, unlike PVC, they are resistant to breaking. This means you get long-lasting masks. Wear them to every party without worrying a bit!
  • Durable- We don’t glue LED lights to the mask. Cheap masks with glued LED lights are a total buzz killer. Imagine walking into the party, and your lights come off. Therefore, we make sure that the LED lights are carefully woven into the mask. This makes the purge mask more durable.
  • Color Options- We have Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Green, White, and Ice Blue. Choose any color that fits with your Halloween costume. But order fast, the most popular colors sell really fast. If you cannot find one, keep checking inventory.
  • Long-Lasting Battery- Low quality LED lights use much more battery. As a result, the masks stay lighted for 3 to 4 hours only. Not our masks though! Even when you play the lights on their brightest settings, the batteries will work 7 to 8 hours. Walk into the party looking like a hero, and walk out still looking like one!
  • Safe LED Lights- LED lights can be harmful to the eyes. But to ensure your well being, we use the best, safest LED lights. Moreover, a thin film provides an extra layer of protection for the eyes. So, use your light up purge mask for Halloween without any worry!
  • EL Cold Wire- Since the mask is so close to your skin, and the facial skin is sensitive, most people worry about the safety of wires. The EL cold wire doesn't cause UV damage. Therefore, the light-up mask is super safe for the skin. And if you didn’t know already, cold wires are the safest wires for toys and gears.
  • Easy Controls- Yes, the purge masks have four settings for LED lights. But that is not all. There is an easy to reach the control panel. The control panel helps you in choosing from four different LED light modes. No need to take the mask off to adjust the LED lights!
  • Our Guarantee- We offer a 30-days guarantee for any issue in manufacturing and LED lights. And, that’s not all! We stand by our products. If there is an issue, let us know, and we will do our best to help you.

 USA shipping is only for USA customers, All other countries orders will be shipped from overseas warehouse.