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Jason Mask

$24.95 $49.95

Jason Mask

$24.95 $49.95

The mask is famous for the Friday the 13th film's character. Jason's character was born with an abnormal head shape; that's why he used this mask in the whole film. However, the Jason x masks in any color are not very pleasant to see, but it is the best option to scare the hell out of anyone. Jason's mask became one of the most selling items for Halloween and other horror events.
We make Jason's mask from brilliant material. It has wooden material with high-quality PVC. In fact, the mask has long-lasting spray paint that enhances the spooky look. Moreover, it contains red chevron stickers that have marvelous quality.

Why You Will Like Our Jason Halloween Masks?

  • The masks are highly durable and mysterious.
  • It will not be flashy but perfect for scaring others.
  • The Jason Halloween mask can be used at any spooky event of school, college, etc.
  • It will provide a festive look.
  • And, of course, the mask will be unique from others.

What Makes The Jason Mask Better Than Other Spooky Masks?

Our scary wooden PVC Jason mask will offer a wide range of benefits. Check them out!

  • The masks are available for all face sizes.
  • You will not feel discomfort while wearing it for a long time.
  • There are several patterns on the mask to choose from.
  • It will be safe for the eyes and skin.
  • The mask will not irritate the face no matter how long you wear it at the event.

 Essential Facts To Know About The Jason Mask Before You Purchase!

Durable Quality
Our halloween masks are made with PVC material. However, they can break if they fell on a more rigid surface. The paint on the mask is done by hand, so the colors can slightly vary. You will get a long-lasting mask that will be wearable comfortably.
Color Options
You can get the Jason mask in other colors. Also, you can contact us to get any custom masks. Do not waste much time in choosing a mask because they will sell out real quick.
We ensure that the paint will not come off easily. Best of all, the mask has the most protective finishing, so the material is preserved for a long time. This mask is completely hand-painted by our painters, and the creation is wholly done by us. Further, you will have an elastic strap with the mask to wear it comfortably for a long duration at any event.
The masks have a safe skin material, and the paint will not cause irritation in the eyes. However, you should avoid wearing it if you are suffering from any skin disease. The material is quite lightweight, and you can wear it for many hours easily.
Easy To Wear
Yes, the Jason Halloween mask is simple to wear. It comes with an elastic strap, and you can wear it comfortably. The elastic will not exert much pressure on the back of your head.
Design and Cost
This artistic and mysterious mask is the perfect option to buy at a reasonable price range.
Our Guarantee
We are offering one month guarantee for our products. Not only this, you can contact us if you find any issue in our product after receiving it. The customer care service will be quick to satisfy you. We won't back out to serve our customers for the best quality.
We hope you will love the quality of this Jason Voorhees mask. We'd appreciate it if you share out the link in your circle. Thanks for visiting here. Order your Jason mask today before it runs out of stock!!