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Oni Mask

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Oni Mask

$89.95 $179.90

Do you intend to attend Setsubun, aka Bean-throwing festival of japan? If yes! Then you are at the right place. Oni mask is one of the essential components of Japanese culture, especially on the occasion of Setsubun. Japanese oni mask symbolizes one of the most frightening demons of Japanese monsters.

Japanese celebrate this festival between the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring. It basically is the new year time according to the lunar calendar of the Japanese.

Oni are notorious for their ferocious and malevolent nature, which manifests itself in their murderous and cannibalism tendencies. Despite their bad image, oni have fascinatingly intricate qualities that cannot be dismissed merely as evil. Typically, they are shown as monstrous figures with spikes/horns protruding from their skulls.

On the occasion of Setsubun, people wear oni masks for their cultural dance and skit performances. Oni masks are commonly denoted as aggressive and red-faced, with long pointed teeth. While the other people who are there to see the performances throw beans on the ‘oni.’ They basically do this to frighten the “oni” and invite good fortune for the new year.

Even if you don’t intend to see these performances, you can still invite good luck by wearing an oni mask at home. During the lockdown in 2021, Japanese parents wore oni masks at home to scare their kids while kids threw soybeans at them to frighten the “oni or evil spirits.” They also believe that throwing soybeans at oni is similar to destroying demons and lousy health.

In Japanese folklore, the oldest male guardian, whose Chinese zodiac sign corresponds to the coming year, or simply the male primary caretaker, dresses up as an oni, a type of demon or ogre.

The other family members throw beans on the ‘oni.’ "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!" should be shouted when throwing the beans. It means, “The devils are out, and peace is in." After that, the family members pick those beans and eat the number of beans that fit their age.

Pick up our oni mask if you’d love to enjoy the Setsubun tradition like a genuine local. Decide who will be the demon or oni in your family and make him wear this handmade oni mask. Also, don’t forget to chant "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!" and eat soybeans according to your age.

Actors dramatize oni monsters in noh theatre by wearing oni masks and costumes. There are already buildings in Japan with roof tiles depicting the face of an oni, which are thought to fend off bad luck.
Features of Oni Mask
Oni mask is very popular in Japanese culture. Kids play with this mask, and you can see them in animated films, manga, and in their festivals as well.
Purely Handmade
Our Oni Masks are purely handmade by our craftsman. These oni masks are made out of leather and fiberglass. Fiberglass is very thick and sturdy. Mask’s color is dark red vibrant, and skin is similar to tiger skin.

However, it may seem difficult to wear, but it’s not. We have incorporated a soft fabric in the inner side of the mask to make it easy to wear.
No Suffocation and Fitting Issues
It’s a one-size-fits-all product. We have given a strap in the inner side of the mask so that you can adjust it according to your facial features. The belt won’t loop around your head; instead, it will be easy for you to adjust the mask on your face.

You won’t feel suffocated after wearing this mask since we have given you enough air space. Besides this, the soft fabric and foam inside the oni mask won’t let you sweat.
After the sculpture is finished, the front of the mask is coated with multiple layers of neutral palette produced by combining crushed white seashell powder. However, the painting of some masks might appear to be simple, but a closer examination reveals a tremendous level of details, such as nuances in skin tone or loose hair, which is typically painted thread by thread with fine brushes.

So, the oni mask is an excellent piece of art if you look into its deeper side.
Best for Masquerade Ball
If you have a costume masquerade ball party at your college or among your friends, this mask will make you stand out. This mask can make your nighttime fun events more enchanting and memorable.

Moreover, if you are looking for an excellent and unique costume for your annual college performance, the Oni mask is here to rescue you.

Additionally, if you are going to attend Halloween or Mardis Gras shortly, this mask again will give you the spotlight. So, grab your mask now!
Perfect Gift to your Samurai Lover Friend
This Japanese samurai oni mask would be the best gift for your samurai lover buddy. It’s also a good gift idea for people who love exploring different cultures.

If you have such a friend who loves the Japanese universe and is obsessed with the samurai anime series, grab this mask for him. It would be a lovely gift he has ever got.
Decoration Piece
Even if you are not from Japan, our oni mask would be the best choice if you want an antique Japanese decoration piece. Also, if you are a person who is obsessed with Japanese culture, you must have this mask in your collection.

You can have cardboard and fix this mask with glue or whatever you want on that cardboard. And now hang the cardboard as a decoration piece on the wall. It will look super cool.
Play With your Kids
As mentioned earlier, you could also use an oni mask as a fun game with your kids. It makes them very happy as it's a sort of different and unique game. It will also help you improve your bond with your kids.

Wear an oni mask and give your kids some packs of roasted soybeans. Tell them to find you, and as soon as they see you, they have to throw those beans on you. Grab your oni mask right now!
Spiritual Effects
If you have an adventurous personality, you must know the exact meaning of the oni mask. The term "oni" is thought to have originated from the word "on," which is the on'yomi in Japanese. This character often refers to the act of covering or hiding. This is an accurate description of oni, as they are basically entities or spirits that are invisible to human eyes.

They are the root causes of sickness, natural disasters, and other heinous things and events. Furthermore, they can assume many forms in order to fool and, quite often, devour humans. As they are unmanifested beings, another term for them is "ghosts," or "gui" in Chinese.

But some Japanese people believe that keeping these masks or things in the house doesn’t let other evil spirits or bad luck enter the house since they see back in the eyes of evil spirits.
Better than Getting Oni Tattoo
Tattoos have a pretty long history of being considered taboo in Japan. Tattoos are not even appreciated in the United States. They belong to the organized crime class. This is due to the fact that nearly no one in Japan gets tattoos. So if you live in Japan, just spit your oni mask tattoo obsession away. Just grab an oni mask and be happy with it, buddy.

In Japan, criminals were tattooed as a method of punishment and to warn others of their illegality as early as the 7th century. In Japan today, if you have tattoos, you may be denied access to public baths, pools, beaches, hot springs, and even some gyms. Even a tiny attractive butterfly tattoo could cause problems. Some employers will dismiss employees who have visible tattoos. The employee's government job was terminated once he discovered that he had tattoos.